Buy together in a time of uncertainty and market fluctuation

Buy together in a time of uncertainty and market fluctuation


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Coperama's motto is We buy together. It is usually understood in terms of volume aggregation to gain size and bargaining power with suppliers.

Let us not lose sight of this vision of “together”, but let us focus on other dimensions.

Today, we are in a difficult time where raw materials, energy, transport and personnel costs are rising to overcome the crisis.

This aligns the globalised economy business model with the post-pandemic situation and competitiveness in the face of the race to introduce robotics and AI into our workplaces.

In this situation, volume aggregation is relatively relevant. After all, it is not just a question of bargaining power.

This situation affects all parts of the business globally more strongly than the discount that can be achieved by increased aggregation power.

At Coperama we have the potential in purchasing management with the use of shared data for decision making in the daily actions of our members.

Having alternatives of products and suppliers or knowing the prices at any moment, is a type of “together” that we want to present as a differential.

Benefits for buyers and suppliers

Let me explain what we mean by procurement management with simple examples applicable to the current turbulent times we are facing.

Benefits for buyers

  • Purchasing volume is essential, but commitment to purchase is even more so. At Coperama, we reward our customers’ compliance with our suppliers’ contracts, not the volume of purchases.
    In times of uncertainty, we offer our suppliers the confidence of our total volume managed thanks to the compliance achieved by our customers.
  • When the market drives prices up and neither we nor anyone else can contain it, how much would you be willing to pay to know if it is within market price thresholds? This question is “always” valid, but takes on critical evidence in a scenario of rising prices.
    Coperama is continuously reviewing and adjusting market prices with the addition of new suppliers and evaluating the compliance of our customers, who are not forced to buy if the competitiveness provided is not good.

Can you improve the WE BUY TOGETHER by yourself? It is free for the buyers; the only restriction is to buy.

We are not challenging your job; we invite you to do it better with us. 

Wow!! It seems attractive from the buy-side. How about the sell-side? 

Benefits for suppliers

Let me reveal just two facts to help sellers decide to become a Coperama partner:

Do you want to pull all your eggs in one basket? Coperama is a unique “card” with an excellent compliance with whom to negotiate but at the same time with a moderate risk thanks to its large number of customers with their own personality.

  • At Coperama, our customers decide who to buy from, less verticality but less risk. We like to adapt Shakespeare’s soliloquy “To be or not to be, that is the question” to “To comply or not to comply” as the vital question at Coperama to measure the health of our competitive conditions, product range, supplier choice and customer base.

All suppliers would like to protect their existing customers, but will you renounce extending them? The Coperama network can be a solution to cover larger areas in new markets at a low marketing cost.

  • So, do you want to expand your business abroad quickly? Go to your account manager in Coperama and convince us to extend the scope of your contract to other countries where Coperama operates. You are at a click distance only by being a nominated supplier in Coperama!

Summing up, remember that TOGETHER means aggregation on a broader sense of the word beyond the volume meaning and helps you with daily decision-making, risk avoidance, compliance and trust

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