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About Us

Coperama is the #1 Procurement Platform for the hotel sector in Spain

Coperama is a Procurement Platform for the hospitality industry, ranked first in Southern Europe. It was founded back in 2010 originally by NH Hotel Group, and has reached 800 members representing an aggregated purchasing volume of 300M€ by December 2015. With an initial portfolio of 50+ hotels and an annual spend of +100M€ in the Benelux, its aggregated volumes and the high purchasing compliance of its current members in different countries entitles Coperama Benelux to achieve the best local and European deals in the market covering all types of necessities in all hospitality categories: Food & Beverages, Operational Services and “off the shelf” Furniture & Equipment items.

The variables that influence the percentage of savings are diverse and range from the size or geographic dispersion of the establishments to the degree of standardisation or the provision system and even the degree of procurement centralisation. However, we mainly focus on two aspects in order to simplify these parameters: the size of the customer's purchase and what Coperama calls "procurement intelligence" which groups together all the other variables.

Therefore, we can estimate that the average savings we offer our customers is around 4.5% for a hotel chain with 10,000 rooms; 14% for a chain of 1,000 rooms and 20% for independent hotels. Although this calculation has been extrapolated from analyses already performed, we recommend a preliminary price study for all of our customers so as to customise their savings.


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