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Become international

Being a certified supplier in Coperama is more than having a contract to reach Coperama’s portfolio of clients, it is also a great opportunity to become international, taking your first steps in a new market under the contract, process and clients of Coperama.

In Coperama, we reduce the commercial risk in an internationalization process if you are already one of our proven suppliers.

Coperama is based on a relationship of trust between all the parties, clients, vendors and Coperama, thus if we grow together we strengthen our links.

Check our calendar of tenders and contact us if you are interested in becoming international with us.

Do you need help in logistics?: In Coperama, we work with the best brands, independently of distribution. For this reason, we have signed agreements with manufacturers and their wholesalers, so in the case that you need our help to reach the best distributor for your products, contact us.


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