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Coperama’s latest technology and processes will enhance your procurement department to the big players level. The only requirement is sharing knowledge in purchasing and trusting in Coperama and its members. There is no other secret than “TOGETHER”.

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  • 1 Request for Adhesion by clicking here and completing the registration form.
  • 2 Coperama will send you a confirmation email asking for the basic data of your company & branches. Coperama is Horeca business only. Further information will be requested if needed.
  • 3 Coperama will process the information received, and assess the company’s possibility of becoming a new member. Upon passing the admission process, the contract will be sent to you. You can start buying upon receiving a signed copy. No fee is requested.

Subscribe to our tenders:

Would you like to join purchasing volume with Coperama’s? Why not participate in a particular tender and benefit from Coperama volume and technology even without being a member of Coperama?

See our Calendar of tenders and contact us if you are interested. More info on Coperama Club of Purchasing. Contact us.

Open a franchise:

Are you interested in Coperama but we are not in your country? If your group manage high purchasing volume and you would like to open a franchise of Coperama using our procedures, knowledge and technology, please contact us to evaluate your case.

Will also become a partner of Coperama, the purchasing platform for the catering industry.


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