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Coperama has more than 1,200 hotelier members in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg (soon in Germany also). All of them buy together to more than 750 selected suppliers.

Trust is the main pillar of our partners, customers and vendors, so the selection process is key to keep high quality standard.

The knowledge of the Horeca industry and the investment in Technology helps Coperama to be efficient and thus achieve the goals of clients and suppliers.

Our focus is on optimizing purchasing costs, not only negotiate them.

Calendar of events

Check the calendar to see the tenders scheduled for the future dates.

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We help you optimize the whole purchase process of your establishment

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Join Coperama with more than 750 vendors and take advantage of our offers.

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Express Calculator

Are you in a hurry? Fill out a simple form, indicating what type of customer you are and you see the savings that Coperama customers like you are obtaining.

Basket Calculator

Do you want to add value to a real buy? Take the delivery you have, look for the products in our catalogue and add them to your shopping basket. You can compare how much it would cost you with Coperama.